Friday, January 9, 2015

America's First Iron Butt Rider

George Wyman's Passion for the Long Ride

Appearing in the Winter 2014 edition of "Iron Butt Magazine" is this four page article about George Wyman's ride across America.  It seeks to establish the link between Wyman's historic motorcycle journey and the passion felt by the current generation who claim the mantle of "Long-Distance Rider."

These highlights of Wyman's story capture the very spirit of the long-distance motorcycle rider; they reflect the desire to go beyond one's riding horizons and seek the challenging of the mundane.  George's epic ride is an inspiration to all who would call themselves an Iron Butt rider.  The lure of the long ride fuels our passion to make every trip a hard riding adventure.

In the 35 years since Road Rider magazine retold Wyman's story, our generation has discovered the passion for the long ride.  Thanks to the Iron Butt Association, we have a standard under which to ride.  The IBA is recognized the world over as the sanctioning body for all those who would claim the mantle of long-distance rider.  We owe George A. Wyman as debt of recognition.  If any group of enthusiasts should accept the duty to keep Wyman's story alive, it is those who live the passion today.  Wyman reminds us, by his example, that he was the first World's Toughest Motorcycle Rider.

Courtesy of the Iron Butt Association and "Iron Butt Magazine," you may read the entire article online. 

Click this link:  "America's First Iron Butt Rider"

"Iron Butt MagazineDedicated to the Sport of Safe Long-Distance Riding, is the premier publication of The Iron Butt Association.  It is published quarterly and is available for purchase by all motorcycle enthusiasts.  Click on the link above for single copy purchase and subscription details.

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