Friday, April 20, 2018

Promoting the Wyman History

The Wyman Journey Poster Campaign has reached a new level.  The Project has shipped 99 Journey poster packages to historical societies, museums and visitor centers along the Wyman trail.  Thanks, to all those who joined the campaign.  Your financial support is the fuel of this very effective promotional campaign.  Let's do more!

Our mission is to promote the Wyman story.  The Journey Poster is designed to tell the Wyman story at a glance.  With this phase of the campaign complete, our new focus will be to send a Journey poster package to the public library in each of the communities along the Wyman route from San Francisco to New York City.

Every Wyman Journey poster hung on a wall creates a visual memorial to the first long-distance motorcyclist.  Let's do more...

"Linking the Past to the Present to Enrich the Future"