Monday, April 3, 2017

The Motorcycle Magazine - September 1903

The Motorcycle Magazine, September 1903 issue is available for your viewing
pleasure.  (Link:

"Across America on a Motor Bicycle"
By George A. Wyman

In addition to Wyman's report, of the 4th leg of his epic and historic ride across America, are several interesting articles about motorcycling in September 1903.
  • "Formation of the Federation", by Wallace Stevens - The organization of The Federation of American Motorcyclists as a political action and rights representative for the American motorcycle rider.
  • "The Effects of 7000 Miles", by W. Neal Walden - The physical and psychological affects of riding.
  • "Hansen and the 1000 Miles Record", A. J. Nicholson - Chronicle of A.A. Hansen's record breaking attempt at the 1,000 miles in 24 hour barrier.
  • "Demonstrations of Practicality", by H. F. Charles - On the many uses of the motorcycle and it's speed over conventional means of transportation.
  • and, many others...
Watch for the October 1903 edition of The Motorcycle Magazine next month.

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