Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Telling His Story

We are pleased to announce that Marti Wyman Schein and Jimmie Schein have joined the Project and will focus on the research of George's history. 

Marti is Director of Research for The George A. Wyman Memorial Project.  Jimmie will work to coordinate placement San Francisco Bay Area memorials.

Mart and Jimmie are proprietors of Schein & Schein, Antique Maps and Prints, of San Francisco.  They bring a level of professional expertise and personal enthusiasm to the historical documentation of the Project that will significantly enrich the Wyman story. 

Marti is the paternal Great Granddaughter of George A. Wyman.  She is working on a biography of her Great Grandfather and  will be sharing the highlights of her research with us in the near future.  With her access to family records and memorabilia she hopes to bring the whole story of George's life to light.

Among her top priorities will be to get the only known copies of "The Motorcycle Magazine" digitized by the Internet Archive organization.  The Project considers the 1903 publications of "The Motorcycle Magazine" to be the most significant Wyman historical artifacts existing today.  Getting them digitized and made available to all will be a spectacular public service and enhance scholarly research of the Wyman saga.

This will take some time, effort and money!  We expect the cost to make these rare publications available to the public to be over $2,500Help us make this happen...donate to our Research fund, today!

George's account of his historic journey was published in "The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review" and "The Motorcycle Magazine" between April and November, 1903.  The Smithsonian Libraries has digitized, via Internet Archive.org, and made available the Bicycling World articles but not the five articles written by Wyman and published in "The Motorcycle Magazine" Jun-Oct, 1903.  There were historically significant articles about Wyman’s journey published in follow on issues of “The Motorcycle Magazine”, in subsequent months.  Specifically, the November issue contains an important article written by A. Nichols Jarvis on “The Merit of Wyman’s Performance.  “The Motorcycle Magazine” ceased publication circa 1906.  Both “The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review” and “The Motorcycle Magazine” were published by The Goodman Company, from the Tribune Building, New York City, NY.