Monday, June 19, 2017

Wyman in the News!

Dateline 18 June, 2017 - NBC News -San Francisco Bay Area, reporter Joe Rosato Jr. publishes this piece about Wyman's ride across America.

Remember the Oakland Man Who First Crossed the US on a Motorcycle
George A Wyman a little known Oakland mechanic was the first person to cross the United States on a motorized vehicle.
(Published Sunday, June 18, 2017)


Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Motorcycle Magazine - November 1903

The Motorcycle Magazine, November 1903 issue is available for your viewing
pleasure.  (Link:

By A. Nichols Jervis

An interesting analysis of Wyman's historic first ever crossing of America.  The author puts into prospective just how difficult riding a motorcycle across the continent was in 1903 America.  Jervis contrasts Wyman's solitary accomplishment with that of the Jackson automobile 'expedition' crossing 21 days after Wyman reached NYC.

  • "Nine Thousand Miles of Utility," by E. M. Case:  Telephone linemen discover the utility of using motorcycles in their daily work.  
  • "Hills and How to Measure Them,"  by Frederick Warrington:  Everything the circa 1903 motorcyclist needed to know about riding up hill.
  • "Testimony of Two Men of Medicine," J. P. Paul:  British MDs use motorcycle to make house calls.  Dr. Benson covered over 21,939 miles in 14 months of riding.  An impressive number of miles even by today's standards.
  • "The Wars Against Progress," by George G. Griffin:  "Safety" kills the 'high wheel' and shapes the evolution of the bicycle, motor bicycle and motorcycle.  Mechanical standards we take for granted today were 'innovations' brought to common use in the name of "Safety."
  • "Stabling" the Motor Bicycle" 
  • "Training Motorists for the British Army"
  • "The Grip Control," Indian introduces the throttle control on the right hand grip.
  •  "How Gasoline is Obtained"
Watch for the December 1903 edition of The Motorcycle Magazine next month.

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