Monday, February 6, 2017

The Motorcycle Magazine - July 1903

The Motorcycle Magazine, July 1903 is available for your reading pleasure.
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Featuring:  Across America on a Motor Bicycle - OVER THE GREAT DESERTS TO THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, by George A. Wyman.  Included are several snapshots by Wyman not seen since their original publication in this 1903 issue.

In addition to Wyman's 2nd leg trip report are several interesting articles about motorcycling in July 1903.
  • A Motorcycling Leader - Profile of George M. Hendee, Indian Motorcycles
  • A Woman's View of the Motor Bicycle - Musings of a woman biker, circa 1903
  • Impressions of the Endurance Run - The New York "Rally" Wyman wanted to participated in after his historic ride-in from California.  (See the full Rally report:  The Great Endurance Run - Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review. Could this be the first Motorcycle Rally?)
  • More Enjoyment for Men of Years - A 51 Mile ride to eat.
  • and, many others....
Watch for the August 1903 edition of The Motorcycle Magazine next month.  

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