The Project

George A. Wyman was the first person to cross America on a motorized vehicle.  Wyman started in San Francisco, California on May 16 and arrived in New York City 50 days later on July 6, 1903.He rode a 200cc, 1.25 horsepower “California” motorcycle designed by Roy C. Marks, inventor of the first American production motorcycle. 

This historic transcontinental motorcycle journey took place at the beginning of the 20th century when life moved at the pace of the horse and buggy.  The "motorcycle" was regarded as a novelty, used by young men to cruise the neighborhood and ride around town.  It was a time of innovations in personal transportation, but it would be the automobile that would capture the imagination of the public and change America.  Sadly, the Wyman accomplishment was pushed aside, relegated to the back pages of history and was quietly forgotten. 

The Wyman story is one of personal courage, determination and struggle to overcome adversity to achieve his goal.  Wyman faced his long-distance motorcycling saga alone, without a backup crew, with only his ingenuity and resourcefulness to keep himself and his motorcycle moving.  Crossing mountain ranges, vast stretches of dessert, endless prairie, battling daily breakdowns and disabling mechanical failures, Wyman would ultimately succeed riding from San Francisco to New York City in 50 days. 

The Mission of the George A. Wyman Memorial Project
Promote the Wyman story, mark the points along the way from San Francisco to New York City,  educate the motorcycling community and general public of the historic significance of the Wyman accomplishment.

The goals of the Project are to promote the Wyman story at the significant points along the original 1903 route from San Francisco to New York City.  Among the efforts of the Project are:

Memorial Grand Tour
- Publish the George A. Wyman Memorial Grand Tour "Points Along the Way" to guide riders and the general public to the 160 waypoints along Wyman's 1903 route.

Memorial Plaques - To be mounted at historically significant locations and communities along the way.
  • Lotta's Fountain, San Francisco, CA -- Wyman start location
  • 1904 Broadway, New York City, NY -- Wyman finish location
  • Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, CA -- RIP Wyman

Wyman Waypoint - Signs designed to be placed at points along the way to identify locations sited in the Wyman narrative.  These "Engineer Grade" highway information signs are ideal for points in communities that Wyman stopped and significant points along the routes between communities. 

Lincoln Highway community outreach - The Wyman route from San Francisco to New York City followed the historic Emigrant Trail and the Transcontinental Rail Road.  The route would eventually become parts of the Lincoln Highway system, first highway across America.  The Wyman Project is seeking to enhance the historical significance of the Lincoln Highway system at points along the way where his route intersected Lincoln Highway. 

Community Historical Preservation Society - The Wyman Project is actively seeking participation of local community historical organizations to enhance their ongoing efforts to enrich the community by preserving interesting aspects of the past.  (See Community Hosting Information )

Public Relations - The Wyman Project is actively seeking media opportunities to tell the Wyman story.  Please contact Tim Masterson at for media requests.

Iron Butt Association Certification -- The long-distance riding community considers George A. Wyman the first American long-distance  motorcyclist.  The Iron Butt Association, "World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders" is dedicated to the sport of safe long distance motorcycle riding.  In collaboration with the Wyman Memorial Project the Iron Butt Association has designated two IBA Challenge Events honoring the legacy of his historic long-distance journey.  These certified rides mirror the route and time of year; San Francisco to New York City, between May 16 through July 6.
The George A. Wyman Memorial Challenge 
  • The George A. Wyman Memorial Gold -- 50cc SFO to NYC (50 hrs or less)
  • The George A. Wyman Memorial Grand Tour -- 50 Days, SFO to NYC

Project Organization - The George A. Wyman Memorial Project, Inc.,  is organized under IRS provisions 501(c)(3) nonprofit, historical preservation, educational and community outreach organization (47-3332474).

Volunteer Officers and Staff
Tim Masterson, MBA, Project Manager (President)
Cliff Wall, CPA,  Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer)
Howard Entman, MD, Secretary
Duncan Ragsdale, Esq. Counsel
Marti Wyman Schein, Research Director

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