Saturday, December 12, 2015

Marking the Points Along the Way

The Project has reached another milestone with the commissioning of 12 Wyman Memorial Plaques.  Produced by Franklin Bronze Plaques of Pennsylvania, each Wyman Memorial Plaque is inscribed with a unique "Dedicated by..." line chosen by the Plaque Sponsor.  We expect delivery from Franklin by the end of the year.

The efforts to get these and other Wyman Memorial Plaques and Wyman Waypoint Signs mounted at authorized and secure locations is ongoing.  Contact the Project for the details...

If you would like to join the Project by sponsoring a Wyman Memorial Plaque at a location along Wyman's historic route, see the list of available locations here:  Current Sponsor List  Click on the "Friends of George" link above for information about becoming member of the Project.

Listed below are the sponsor chosen location and dedication line for each of the markers being produced by Franklin Bronze Plaques.

Thank you, Plaque Sponsors!

516.3 Vallejo Ferry Terminal - "Dedicated by Tom and Mona Loftus, Iron Butt Association members 106 & 42200"

517.3 Sacramento RON - "Dedicated by Jim Orr, Iron Butt Association member 508"

518.4 Colfax RON - "Dedicated by Tom and Helen Austin, Iron Butt Association members 156 & 4000"

519.1 Emigrants' Gap - "Dedicated by Bill Watt and Susan Murphy, Canada, Iron Butt Association members 310 & 28711"

602.4 Medicine Bow - "Dedicated by John Cheney, Iron Butt Association member 261"

614.1 Ogden RON - "Dedicated by TeamStrange Airheads in memory of its founder, Eddie James, IBA #71"

617.1 Clinton RON - "Dedicated by Big & Little Arlen Brunsvold, father and son, Iron Butt Association members 12504 & 9116"

618.1 Mississippi River Crossing - "Dedicated by Captain Robert Rehkopf, CEC USNR, Iron Butt Association member 11042"

618.3 Dixon - "Dedicated by Little Arlen Brunsvold, Iron Butt Association member 9116"

619.2 Chicago RON - "Dedicated by Todd & Diane LeClair, Iron Butt Association members 467 & 468"

627.2 Conneaut RON "Dedicated by Jon Good and Ande Bergmann, Iron Butt Association members 414 & 470"

703.2 Albany RON - "Dedicated by Tom and Mona Loftus, Iron Butt Association members 106 & 42200"

Refer to The George A. Wyman Memorial Grand Tour, "Points Along the Way" - Rider's Guide for the details of each location listed above.