Wyman Memorial Project Sponsors

Thank You!  Sponsors of the Wyman Journey Poster Campaign
Link to motorcycle dealership mailings from San Francisco to New York City (SFO-NYC).

Rod Barnes ( Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Spencer Bennett (Journey Poster: SFO-N(Journey Poster: Local)
Reginald Cridler (Journey Poster: Local)
Michele Denton (Graphics Volunteer - Journey Poster)
Steve Diederich (Graphics Volunteer - Journey Poster)
Danny Dossman (Plaque  & Waypoint)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC & Local)
Thomas Durell (Journey Poster: Local)
Bruce Edwards (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
James Feighny (Journey Poster: Local)
John Ferber (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Donna & Jim Fousek (Journey Poster: Local)
Joe Green (Research)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
David Hay (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
T. Gregory Hintz (Journey Poster: Local)
Matt Hube (Journey Poster: Local)
Gary Huff (Plaque, Waypoint & Research) (Journey Poster: Local)
Iron Butt Association (Plaque & Waypoint)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
John Koval (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Stephen LaDyne (Support)
Jesse Lucas (Research)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Patrick MacRoy (Research)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Dave McQueeney (Journey Poster: Local)
Tim Masterson (Plaque)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC & Local)
Michael McGarvey (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Ronald Meisen (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Stuart Ostroff (Journey Poster: Local)
Paul Partin (Waypoint)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Craig Pindell (Waypoint)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Frances Porter (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Greg Rice (Waypoint) (Journey Poster: Local)
Glenn Royal (Waypoint)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Jerry Stevens (Journey Poster: Local)
Robert Stransky (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Martin Stults (Journey Poster: Local)
Daniel Thaler (Journey Poster: Local)
Brian Thorn (Support) (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Bill Watt (Plaque)(Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Charles Weir - Waypoint and Research Sponsor
Rob Wilensky (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)
Matt Wise (Journey Poster: SFO-NYC)

Pending waypoint designation
Anonymous (Support)
Steve Aikens (Research)
Christopher Brown (Support)
Dan Clark (Research)
David Clarke (Waypoint)
Erin Colombo (Waypoint Volunteer)
Reginald Cridler (Research)
Howard and June Entman Charitable Trust (Plaque)
John Ferber (Waypoint)
Diane Fox (Waypoint)
Franklin Bronze Plaques (Plaque-628.1i Pennsylvania Strip)
Gregory Galvan (Waypoint & Research)
Charles Goad (Support)
Gail Hatch (Support)
Robert Heywood (Research)
Ashley Horn (Support)
John and Nadine Huval (Research)
Lisa Landry (Consultant Volunteer)
Dave McQueeney (Plaque & Waypoint)
Christopher Ross (Support)
Harvey C. Schirrmacher (Research)
Dave Scoffone (Plaque - 1902 California)
Brian Suen (Waypoint Volunteer, Nevada)
Richard Wood (Support)

N/A = Not Appropriate:  A Wyman Memorial Plaque would not be appropriate at that location due to its remoteness or lack of specific details about Wyman’s visit.  As our research efforts and those of community historical organizations produce the details, some locations could open up for Wyman Memorial Plaque sponsorship.  If you are interested in Plaque sponsorship at a N/A location, "Let's work together" to find out the details to make it an appropriate location.
(RON = Remained Over Night)

2000 AMA Hall of Fame:  Wyman Memorial Plaque and Waypoint Sign sponsored by The Iron Butt Association, "World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders" mounted August, 2015
516.1 Lotta's Fountain Start G.A.Wyman MP
516.1i California Motor Company N/A
516.2 SFO - Vallejo Ferry N/A
1959 RIP George A. Wyman G.A.Wyman MP
516.3 Vallejo Ferry Terminal Tom and Mona Loftus, 106 & 42200 
517.1 Davis(ville)
517.2 Sacremento River bridge N/A
517.3 Sacramento RON Jim Orr, IBA 
518.1 American RiverBridge N/A
518.2 Rocklin Reserved #29
518.3 Auburn
518.4 Colfax RON Thomas Austin #156 Rick Snyder, #55525 & Amy Scott, #58407
519.1 Emigrants' Gap Bill Watt, Susan Murphy  Bill Watt
519.2 Summit Hotel RON
519.2i Donner Summit Hist Soc
520.1 Donner Lake Head N/A
520.2 Truckee
520.3 Boca N/A
520.4 Verdi
520.5 Reno RON
Robert Stransky Brian Thorn, IBA 50053 & Brenda Thorn, IBA 50354
521.1 Wadsworth RON N/A
522.1 Massie (Hazen RR Jct) N/A
522.2i Upsal Info N/A
522.2 Upsal N/A
522.3 Brown's N/A
522.4 Lovelock Gas
522.5 Humboldt House RON N/A
523.1 Winnemucca Gas  Bob Rippy, IBA
523.2 Battle Mountain RON
524.1 Palisade N/A Posted
524.1i Palisade Info N/A
524.2 Carlin RON
525.1 Wells RON
526.1i Fenelon N/A
526.1i Tacoma Station Info N/A
526.1 Tacoma Station N/A Posted
526.2 Terrace RON N/A
526.2i Terrace RON Info N/A
527.1i Corinne N/A Posted
527.1 Zenda RON N/A
528.1 UPRR Express Office
528.2 LH Becraft Bicycle Shop Motor-Assisted Bicycle Community Posted
528.3 S.C. Higgins RON N/A
529.1 Weber Canyon N/A
529.2 Echo City Pulpit Rock N/A
529.3 Castle Rock N/A
529.3 Evanston Depot RON Iron Butt Assoc.
530.1 Altamont Tunnel N/A
530.2 Spring Valley N/A
530.3 Carter N/A
530.4 Granger RON John Graham, IBA 42013
531.1 Green River Reserved (CR)
531.2 Rock Springs
531.3 Point of Rocks
531.3i Point of Rocks Overland Trail N/A
531.4 Bitter Creek RON N/A Posted
601.1 Red Desert N/A
601.2 Wamsutter N/A
601.3 Great Divide N/A
601.4 Creston N/A
601.4i Creston Info N/A
601.5 Cherokee N/A
601.6 Daly's Rranch N/A
601.7 Rawlins Gas
601.8 Fort Steele Posted
601.9 Walcott RON N/A
602.1 Edison N/A
602.1i Edison Info N/A
602.2 Dana N/A
602.3 Hanna
602.4 Medicine Bow John Cheney  Posted
602.4i Bosler Depot N/A
602.4i Rock River Depot N/A
602.5  Lovejoy Garage Martin Cover, IBA 575 Posted
604.1 Sherman Summit Cliff Wall, IBA459 Craig Pindell, IBA1182
604.2 Happy Jack Rd N/A
604.3 Shaver's Ranch N/A
604.3i Islay Station Info N/A
604.4 Shaver's Ranch RR N/A
604.5  Cheyenne Depot Doug & Karen Leath, MTF Doug Leath, MTF
605.1 GD Pratt Bicycle Shop N/A
606.1 Egbert N/A
606.2 Pine Bluffs
606.3 Kimball RON
607.1 Sidney Gas
607.2 Chappell
607.3 Julesburg James Feighny, IBA 50133 James Feighny, IBA 50133
607.4 Ogallala RON Doug Vance, 
608.1 Paxton Wm & Jeanie Cumbie:  IBA 754 & 62084 BMW MC of NE Florida
608.2 North Platte Gas
608.3 Maxwell RON
609.1 Lexington
609.2 Elm Creek
609.3 Kearney RON
610.1 Grand Island
610.2 Chapman
610.3 Central City Gary Huff, IBA Gary Huff, IBA Gary Huff, IBA
610.4 Columbus RON
611.1 Fremont
611.2 Flesher Bicycle Shop N/A
612.1 Omaha Express Office
612.2 Douglas St Bridge N/A
612.3 Council Bluffs RON
613.1 Lovelands Picture N/A
613.2 Woodbine
613.3 Denison RON
614.1 Ogden RON Team Strange Airheads Posted
615.1 Boone Danny Dossman, IBA 519 Danny Dossman, IBA 519
615.2 Ames
615.3 Marshalltown RON
616.1Tama Reservation N/A
616.2 Cedar Rapids Outskirts N/A
616.3 Hall Bicycle Shop - 1903 N/A
616.3i Hall Bicycle Shop Today Reserved
617.1 Clinton RON Big & Little Arlen Brunsvold, IBA9116&12504
618.1 Mississippi River Crossing Robert Rehkopf, IBA11042  Robert Rehkopf
618.2 Fulton
618.2i North Road N/A M. Gillaham
618.3 Dixon Arlen Brunsvold, IBA9116 Arlen Brunsvold, IBA9116
618.4 Earlville Big & Little Arlen Brunsvold, IBA9116&12504, Ron Hurner, IBA48909
618.5 Aurora N/A
618.6 Naperville RON Reserved
619.1 Chicago Outskirts N/A
619.2 Chicago RON Todd LeClair, IBA467 & Diane LeClair, IBA468
623.1 Kensington RON N/A Jonathan "Hammy" Tan
624.1 Porter
624.2 La Porte Gas
624.3 GoshenRoger & Kathy Allen, IBA 436, 437 Posted
624.4 Ligonier RON Paul Partin, IBA 24817 Posted
625.1 Wawaka N/A
625.2 Kendallville
625.3 Butler
625.4 Edgerton
625.5 Swanton
625.6 Holland
625.7 Maumee
625.8 Perrysburg RONJim Puckett, IBA 24142
626.1 Fremont
626.2 Near Amherst N/A
626.3 Elyria
626.4 Cleveland RON N/A
627.1 Geneva
John Koval
627.2 Conneaut RON Ande' Bergmann, IBA470 & Jon Good, IBA414 
628.1 Forks BrokeChris Comly Posted
628.2 Angola RON Matt & Linda Hube, IBA42946 Posted
629.1 Thomas Motors Buffalo
630.1 Batavia N/A
630.2 Regas Bicycle Rochester
701.1 Fairport Harv's Harley-Davidson Posted
701.2 Cayuga RON Posted
702.1 Syracuse N/A
702.2 Canastota RON Posted
703.1 Little Falls
703.2 Albany RON Tom & Mona Loftus, 106 & 42200 
706.1 NYC Arrival N/A
706.2 Josh Interview N/A
706.3 1904 Broadway G.A.Wyman MP
706.4 Herald Square Hotel   N/A