Thursday, July 30, 2015

Waypoint Signs - Shipment # 1

We are pleased to announce the shipment of the first batch Wyman Waypoint signs to hosting location listed below.  Each hosting authority is working to get their Waypoint sign up as quickly as possible.  We have asked them to send us the exact location where the sign is mounted along with a photo for posting on our website.

Special Note:  The American Motorcyclist Association - Hall of Fame has taken delivery of a Wyman Waypoint sign and Wyman Memorial plaque.  They are to be mounted within the Hall of Fame exhibit inside the Museum.  Special thanks to Mike Kneebone, President of the Iron Butt Association, who sponsored both a Wyman Memorial Plaque and Sign for the AMA Hall of Fame.  And, Katy Wood, AMA Collections Manager, for enthusiastically embracing the goals of the George A. Wyman Memorial Project.  

518.2 Rocklin, CA
519.1 Emigrant Gap, CA
525.1 Wells RON, NV
528.2 LH Becraft Bicycle Shop, Ogden, UT
529.5 Evanston Depot, WY
530.4 Granger RON, WY
601.4i Creston Siding, WY
602.4 Medicine Bow, WY
602.5 Lovejoy Garage, Laramie, WY
607.3 Julesburg, CO
614.1 Ogden RON, IA
615.1 Boone, IA
615.2 Ames, IA
616.3i Hall Bicycle Shop, IA
617.1 Clinton RON, IA
618.2i North Road, IL
624.4 Ligonier RON, IN
625.4 Edgerton, OH
627.2 Conneaut RON, OH
628.1 Forks Broke, NY
628.2 Angola RON, NY
701.2 Cayuga, RON, NY
702.2 Canastota RON, NY
703.2 Albany RON, NY
2000 AMA Hall of Fame, OH

We are working with the next group of hosting authorities and expect to ship out another batch of Wyman Waypoint signs around the beginning of September.  The next issue of the G.A Wyman Memorial Grand Tour - Rider's Guide will be updated with thumbnail pictures of signs and plaques to designate where they have been placed.