Wyman Volunteer Program

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The George A. Wyman Memorial Project is an all volunteer organization.  Our mission to promote the Wyman story, mark the points along his historic 1903 route and educate the general public about the significance of Wyman journey, is carried out by members of the Long-Distance riding and motorcycle touring communities.  Were it not for the passion and commitment of these individuals, the significance of Wyman's long-distance riding accomplishment would be just a historical footnote...forgotten by almost all motorcyclists.

Contact the Project today... WymanMemorialProject@gmail.com

Volunteers Wanted...

Erin Colombo, Waypoint Volunteer
Waypoint Volunteer - Sign up for one or more Wyman Waypoints to coordinate with potential hosting communities and organizations.  We seek authorized and secure mounting of Wyman Waypoint signs and where appropriate,Wyman Memorial plaques. This involves working with members of the community government, local historical societies and organizations through the stages of the hosting process:
  1. Invite - Contact the host to make them aware of the Wyman story at their location.  Encourage their participation in the Project.
  2. Negotiate - Work with the host to determine the best way to bring the Wyman story into their community.  Offer, at no charge to the host, the Wyman Waypoint sign, site narrative document, and where appropriate, Wyman Memorial plaque for authorized and secure display at a location in their community.
  3. Acceptance - Obtain commitment from the host to accept the Wyman items for display and to work with the Project on future promotions of the Wyman story.
  4. Shipment - Arrange shipment or personal delivery of the Wyman Waypoint sign, site narrative documents and where appropriate, Wyman Memorial plaque to the host.
  5. Placement - Verify mounting and placement of the Wyman items at a specific location.  Obtain a photograph(s) and geographical coordinates of the mounting location for publication.
  6. Follow Up - Keep in touch with the host to strengthen the relationship between the Project and the hosting location.

Graphic Designer - The Project needs a skilled graphic designer/artist who can help make our promotional items appealing and professional looking.
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Web design
  • Cards
  • Swag items
E-Book Editor - The GAW Memorial Grand Tour - "Points Along the Way", Rider's Guide is the principal publication of the Project.  It is provided free to all and published as a public service.  We seek a talented individual to bring the content and appearance of the Rider's Guide into the modern digital age.

Webmaster - Currently, the Project uses Google Blogger as its web presence.  It is free and has been adequate to give us a website that is easy to maintain.  Eventually, we want to mount the GeorgeWymanMemorial.org website.   We seek a talented individual to design, build, produce and maintain a dynamic website.

Project Officers and Volunteers do not receive compensation or reimbursement for time, travel or indirect expenses.   The generous tax-deductible donations of our "Friends of George" Sponsors pay for the Project direct expenses, related materials, services and fees to mark the points along Wyman's 1903 route, support the historical research or to help spread the Wyman story.