Saturday, March 5, 2016

World Wide Wyman Media Coverage

Today, the Wyman story went world wide...for the second time since 1903.  An article written for Atlas Obscura by staff writer Sarah Laskow was picked up and extended by the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom.

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Sarah Laskow contacted the Wyman Memorial Project a few days ago to gather information about Wyman's journey across America in 1903.  We talked at some length about this his epic and historic saga.  Sarah was intrigued to learn about the modern sport of safe long-distance riding and motorcycle touring.  

One day after publishing her article the story was picked up by the Daily Mail, UK and extended.  Links to both are below.

George Wyman took 50 days to get from San Francisco to New York in 1903.
By Sarah Laskow March 04, 2016, Atlas Obscura

  • George Wyman traveled from San Francisco to New York City with just a one and a quarter horsepower motorcycle
  • Wyman traversed mountains, mud tracks, intense desert and cities
  • Bikers now retrace the journey in the annual Wyman Memorial Challenge
PUBLISHED: 15:35 EST, 5 March 2016 | UPDATED: 18:50 EST, 5 March 2016