Monday, May 23, 2016

Follow the Riders - 2016 Wyman Memorial Challenge, "Rendezvous"

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Sunday, May 29 -  After breakfast at the hotel riders rode into San Francisco to scout the terrain and get their picture taken at Lotta's Fountain.  As you can see, much to our disappointment, the City had Lotta's Fountain boarded up for some restoration work.  Undaunted, riders managed to navigate the city traffic to pose for picture at the famed starting point of Wyman's historic journey.

Riders Meeting - Just before the 3 pm meeting, riders got the IBA starting paperwork all taken care of in the parking lot.  Witness form sign off and collection of the Waivers went off without a hitch.  Pictured here is Marti Schein talking about her Great Grandfather's exploits before and after his epic 1903 journey.

 Dave Scoffone brought the 1902 California to the meeting for all to see.  What a great opportunity to have some fun.  Kerri, Dave's collections manager, supplied the wardrobe for pictures.

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Marti was first to strike the "Wyman Pose"...can you see the family resemblance?  All in attendance got their chance to pose for the camera.  Click on the caption to see more pictures.

"Rendezvous" T-Shirt

Riders participating in the 2016 - Wyman Memorial Challenge, "Rendezvous" have joined the SpotWalla location page for the event.  The map below shows the last known location.  Click on any of the rider icons on the map to view the expanded information.  Riders who elected to provide links to their full SpotWalla maps are listed below the Location Page map.

SpotWalla - Supporting the Long-Distance and motorcycle touring community.  

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The Grand Tour Route
All rides participating in the George A. Wyman Memorial Challenge follow strict rules established by the Iron Butt Association.  See the Certification Guidelines and Rules

Wyman Memorial 50cc GoldSan Francisco to New York City in under 50 hours
  • Matt Wise - 479, 2015 BMW R1200GS Adventure, SPOT Map  Finisher  Well done!
  • Bruce Edwards - #BE, 2015 HD Ultra Classic Limited, SPOT Map  Finisher Well done!
  • Robert Clement - 2013 Honda F6B 
Wyman Memorial Grand Tour - San Francisco to New York City visiting the Wyman "Points Along the Way" finishing by July 6.
  • Cliff Wall, 2006 Honda GL1800, SPOT Map  Finisher  Well done!
  • Dan Clark - DLC, 2014 HD Ultra Classic Limited, Bubbler Map
  • John Graham, 2013 HD Road Glide, SPOT Map.  Finisher  Well done!
  • Robert Stransky - Bob, 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure, SPOT MapFinisher  Well done!
  • Howard Entman - HE, 2013 Yamaha FJR, SPOT Map. Finisher Well done!
  • Bill Cumbie - S3, 2016 HD Riad Glide Ultra, SPOT MapFinisher Well done!
  • Danny Dossman, DCD, 2014 HD Ultra Classic Limited, SPOT Map  Finisher  Well done!
  • Duncan Ragsdale & Krista Tuter, BMW R1200 GS, Bubbler MapFinisher  Well done!

Wyman Waypoint Site Surveys
Tim Masterson - 415, 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure, SPOT Map, Bubbler Map