Thursday, October 29, 2015

Outstanding Support Award to the Iron Butt Association

The George A. Wyman Memorial Project was founded to honor America's first long-distance motorcyclist.  With their enthusiastic support, individual members of the long-distance riding community have embraced and validated the goals of the Project.

The gold standard of validation among the long-distance riding community is the Iron Butt Association and its portfolio of Challenge Rides.  March 2015, the IBA established "The George A. Wyman Memorial Challenge" certification event giving members two ways to honor Wyman's historic and epic motorcycle ride.  The IBA is also the "Friends of George" sponsor of the Wyman Memorial plaque and Wyman Waypoint sign mounted in the Hall of Fame exhibit of the American Motorcyclist Association Museum.

During the Saturday night banquet of the IBA Big-As-Texas Party, held in Irving the weekend of October 16-18, the IBA was recognized for its significant contributions in support of the Project.  There were over 100 long-distance motorcycle riders in attendance.  Thank you, IBA!

Presented to Michael J. Kneebone
President, The Iron Butt Association, Inc.
for Outstanding Support of
The George A. Wyman Memorial Project

Mike Kneebone, IBA President and Tim Masterson, GAWMP, President

The 2016 - Wyman Memorial Challenge, "Rendezvous" is the inaugural event of the May 16 - July 6 Wyman memorial period.  It is being held the weekend of May 28-30, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Check out the details and sign up on Ride Mastertoday!

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