Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Wyman Tribute on the Salt Flats

Wyman rode a 1902 'California' motor bicycle across America in 1903.  Today, the sport of motor bicycling is alive thanks to small groups of enthusiasts.  One such group is the Motor-Assisted Bicycle Forum.  Despite the technological advances of two wheeled vehicles over the years, these enthusiasts focus on modifying the basic bicycle with small displacement motors.  Motorized bicycling is a two-wheeled sport with roots going back the birth of the motorcycle at the turn of the last century.

Speeding across the Bonneville Salt Flats

'Sabrina 2'  Motorized Bicycle, #T1903
Members of the Motor-Assisted Bicycle Forum have entered Sabrina 2 in the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association - 130 MPH Club. This racing class is specifically for vehicles with a top speed less than 130 MPH.  The One Mile rookie track is a 'time only' event.  Sabrina 2's 3.25hp single-speed belt-drive is reminiscent of early motorcycles up to around 1920, and the crew expects to post competitive speeds in this class.   Speed/Time trials of the Sabrina 2 begin daily,  9am to 6pm Friday, September 14th and run through Sunday, September 16th.  If in the area, you are welcome to stop by and watch the Sabrina 2 go through her time trials.  Wyman Waypoint patches available from the Sabrina 2 pit crew.
  • Rider Jimmy Brackett 
  • Owner/builder Augie Deabler 
  • Co-conspirator Pete Rasmussen 

You Are Invited!
Post racing celebrations will start at 11 am Tuesday, September 18th at Ogden's Union Grill, site of LH Becraft bicycle shop where Wyman stopped on May 28, 1903.  Restaurateur Laura D'Hulst is rumored to have some special Wyman themed dishes for all who attend.  Wyman Waypoint patches available from the Sabrina 2 pit crew.

Wyman Waypoint - 528.2 LH Becraft Bicycle Shop
Sponsored by Motor-Assisted Bicycle members
Waypoint Patch

Sabrina 2 Sponsors 

The George A. Wyman Memorial Project, Honorary Sponsor  

Jim "TheWheelmaster" Burkman

Union Grill Ogden Utah

Golden Eagle Bike Engines