Community Hosting Information

The goal of The George A. Wyman Memorial Project is to tell the story and mark the points along the way of the first ever motorized crossing of America in 1903.  We have reached out to every community and location along Wyman's historic 1903 route, to join the Project as a hosting location.  We want to help enrich the history of these unique communities by bringing the Wyman story to light.  We seek authorized and secure mounting of our Wyman Waypoint signs and where appropriate cast Wyman Memorial plaques.  See Current Hosting Locations

Waypoint signs and Memorial plaques are funded by our Sponsors and offered to the hosting community at no charge.  The community is only responsible for secure mounting at a location within the community.  We will work with the hosting authorities to select the best location within the community that meets our mutual goal of telling the Wyman story.  Many times local historical societies discover details of Wyman's visit through research of local sources; circa 1903 newspaper articles, historic structure and official records.  (See below for links to information about Wyman's visit to a particular community)

Wyman Waypoint Sign:  These are engineer grade reflective aluminum information guide signs, measuring 12" x 18" and designed for outdoor mounting.  They can be mounted on sign posts, buildings, or any other place deemed appropriate by the hosting authority.  They are similar to parking signs and best viewed while stopped and close up. (Click on graphic to enlarge)

Wyman Memorial Plaques:  These high quality memorial plaques are cast by the Franklin Bronze Plaque, Franklin, PA.  They measure 8" x 11" and are suitable for outdoor or indoor mounting.  The plaques are designed to be used as historic markers at buildings, common spaces or other appropriate locations.

Wyman Visit Narrative:  Each hosting location will receive a site narrative describing the circumstances of Wyman's experiences during his visit to the community. This 8" x 11" document is suitable for framing and designed for interior or protected exterior mounting.

Ogden, IA
Sign and Plaque Placement:  We want people to see our Waypoint signs and plaques at any time day or night.  This may be at a community common area or at a specific identified location.  Our research has discovered  many of the exact locations where Wyman remained overnight or worked on his motorcycle.  Mounting a sign in the vicinity of these locations may or may not be appropriate.  In most cases though, a community common space works best.  We will work with local historic organizations and authorities to select the most appropriate placement location that can be viewed by the public 24/7.

Wyman Waypoint Poster:  The 11" x 17" poster is designed for interior or protected exterior use and is ideal for tourist information centers, commercial businesses or historical society display areas.  One Wyman Waypoint poster is offered to hosting communities at no charge with additional posters available for $20 each plus shipping.

Let's work together to bring the Wyman story to your community by "Linking the Past to the Present to Enrich the Future" 

Contact the Project manager at or call 512-567-2017.

Listed below are links to The Grand Tour and Wyman's 1903 articles.

The George A. Wyman Memorial Grand Tour, Points Along the Way, Rider's Guide PDF.